Persuasive Review

YEAR LEVEL DESCRIPTION- Students create a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts including imaginative retellings, reports, performances, poetry and expositions.

Judging Standards

Let's see if you remember!

Learning Intentions

Lesson 1 | Organisation | Plan for Success

Learning Intentions

Activate Prior Knowledge

What is persuasive writing?

Organisation- Persuasive

Organisation is the structure of the text. The order it is written in.

It helps to make your ideas clear, guides the reader's understanding and can strengthen your arguments.

What are the different parts of the Writing Graph and what is their purpose?


School should start an hour later.

Let's BRAINSTORM ideas: for and against.

Lesson 2 | Excellent Word Choice & Organisation

Learning Intentions

Prior Knowledge

Excellent Word Choice- Persuasive

You want to always pick the best possible words and phrases to convince the reader that your opinion is right.

To convince your reader you want to use words which mean certain.

Modal verbs are words which show possibility, intent, ability, or necessity.

In persuasive writing you are trying to convince the readers to do, or believe something. So you need to include words which mean certain, definitely or necessary. They are strong words which are more convincing than others.



Schools Should Fundraise to Support the School

How would you feel if you were able to have your own laptop or tablet at school all day, every day? Schools across Australia need more resources than what they have right now. You must certainly agree that fundraising is a fabulous way to increase funds to buy these resources. Did you know that fundraising can also build a sense of community within schools and teach important life skills? Read on to discover.

Fundraising is a fantastic way to support our school to get better resources. Just imagine, an upgraded canteen to provide even more delicious lunches. It is a fact that healthy delicious lunches provide students with the fuel they need to focus, learn and play. Did you also know that fundraising builds a sense of community and fun within a school?


In conclusion, it is essential schools fundraise to support the school. It is necessary schools fundraise to build a sense of community and fun, raise money for more resources and teach students important life skills. Now is the time to do amazing things for the school, start fundraising now!


Decide whether you are for or against the topic. Write your 3 chosen arguments into the writing graph.

Lesson 3 | Sentence Fluency | Sizzling Starts

Learning Intentions


What is a Sizzling Start?

Turn and Talk

A punchy and exciting opening within a text that grabs the readers attention.

What strategies can we use?

Rhetorical Question

Asking a question without expecting an answer.

Rule of Three

List 3 things, or repeat words or sounds three times.

Interesting Facts

Include a fact the reader may not know.

Create pictures in the readers' mind

Describe how something looks/sounds/feels like.



Sizzling Start

School should start an hour later.

Have a go at writing your Sizzling Start.

Share your excellent word choices with the class.

Start with action

Use humour

Start with a sound

Start with dialogue (speech)


Complete the rest of your persuasive piece.

Try to have at least two sentences per paragraph.

School should start an hour later.


Sizzling Start

Your opinion

Read on to discover

Argument 1

Main idea

Supporting detail

Argument 2

Main idea

Supporting detail

Argument 3

Main idea

Supporting detail


Recap point of view

Review your arguments

Call to action


Have a go at editing your own work. 

Don't worry if you can't find everything! 

Use a red pencil to edit the mistakes you have made. Do the things you can find, such as capital letters, full stops and repeated words or ideas.