Digital Citizenship & Internet Communication

Design Technologies

Lesson One: Digital Citizenship




What are some things you like to do online?

Have you ever heard the term "digital citizenship"?


 Digitial Citizenship

Is being a good and responsible person when using the internet and other digital technologies.

Digital citizens follow rules, show respect, and use the internet safely.

Staying Safe Online

Why is it important staying safe while using the internet?

Turn and Talk

Keeping personal information private (e.g., full name, address, phone number).

Identifying safe and trusted websites and apps.

Being cautious when interacting with strangers online.

Seek adult supervision when encountering unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations online.

Simple safety tips, such as using strong passwords and not sharing passwords with anyone.


Why is it important to be respectful online?

What does being respectful look/sound/feel like?

Turn and Talk

Writing friendly comments.

Respecting others' opinions.

Reporting and not participating in cyberbullying.

Seeking permission before sharing someone else's content.


Group Work

In groups, discuss the scenario and questions on your task card.

Be ready to present your ideas to the class.



Complete the worksheet


Why is it important to be a good digital citizen?

Lesson Two: Internet Communication




Online Communication

Can you think of at least 5 different ways we communicate online?

Turn and Talk

Sending an Email

Microsoft Outlook Online is an email service that we can use to send and receive emails using your student email.

Outlook Inbox

Compose an Email

Step One

Type into your address bar:

Hover on the Technology drop down menu in the top right corner

Click on the box with a triangle in it next to Digital Technologies

Click on Digital Citizenship

Click on the link to lesson 2: Internet Communication

Step Two

Click on this website to take you to Microsoft Outlook

Step Three

Use your lab login username with the below email extension to log in.

For example:

Password: dog

Step Four

Follow along with Mrs Guest on how to write an email


Write and send an email to Mrs Guest

Use your checklist to write and send me an email.


Why do we need to be responsible and respectful when sending emails?

What does the look/sound/feel like?